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    Conference May 9 & 10, 2019: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

    Save $100 if you are one of the first 50 people to register before April 1st, 2019.  Learn More- Enjoy our video.

    Put your name on the list and reserve your spot: please call: 877-336-7782. Ask for Jolin or Amy. Additional Details: Delco USA Conference

    Wondering what an Irrevocable Funeral Trust (IFT) is? How can you help your clients start saving for their funeral today knowing their money will always be protected?

    To learn more and watch a short video follow the link below:

     “How The West Was One”

    DelcoUSA is the top Funeral and Estate Trust marketer because “We Strive to make you successful”. We have recently joined forces with Scott Behan and Rocky Mountain Providers to help merge the fields of Pre-Need and the Irrevocable Funeral Trust. 

      Medicaid Spend Down

    Karl Dovnik Jr. case shows that is is now case law and how to use the Funeral Trust for Medicaid spend down. This specific case happened in the state of Wisconsin, please check with an Elder Law Attorney in your state on specific Medicaid rules. Click on the link below to see the case:

    Medicaid Spend Down Case

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      The Book On Funeral Trusts

    Mike O’Dell has written the book on Funeral Trusts. Get your copy today to hand to your clients and show them why Funeral Trusts are so important. Only $4.95 plus shipping per copy. Call our office for more information at 877-336-7782


    Mike O’Dell and DelcoUSA featured in August Issue of Insurance News Net Magazine

    What Is The Funeral Trust?

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