DelcoUSA nor any of it’s employees will give legal advice pertaining Medicaid acceptance of the funeral trust in your particular state.  Medicaid rules vary from state to state and we suggest that you speak to a Medicaid Specialist or Elder Law Attorney in your specific state.

Medicaid rules can change without notice.  Always consult an elder law attorney in your particular state for the specifics of what is allowed on funeral trust planning.  Our employees may give you website links for your Medicaid DHS department and you can research the rules.

Medicaid can be based on interpretation of each case worker from county to county.  Attorney Karl Dovnik, an elder law attorney on our staff will direct you to an elder law attorney in your specific state.  We do not guarantee Medicaid acceptance with the funeral trust.  -****It is the agent’s responsibility to research and preferably work with an elder law attorney when doing Funeral trusts in their particular state.****

DelcoUSA a division of Delco Estate Planning Services, LLC and it’s employees do not give legal advice on Medicaid or the rules pertaining to Medicaid.  Medicaid rules vary from state to state.  We will only share general information.

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