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Writing Your First Funeral Trust

If you are new to the funeral trust writing that first one can be daunting. It also can be very intimidating, nerve racking, or just plain difficult. The Funeral Trust is such a simple product, and necessary, that many times we can over complicate it and ruin the sale. Following these 3 simple steps should help you get that first one under your belt and on your way.

  1. First and foremost is making the funeral trust apart of every single presentation you do. By putting it in every time you meet with a client and showing the how necessary one is will make it a no brainer for your clients to want to have one. Nobody likes to talk about death and what is going to happen but most want to start funding their funeral now.
  2. Do not sell this product on the growth rate, that is not what this product is intended for. While in your presentation you must show your clients why having a funeral trust is so beneficial. This product isn’t just for them but they are buying it for their family so they don’t have to worry about funds when the time comes. Buying a funeral trust ensures that their funeral is paid for and that the burden is taken off their kids or other family members.
  3. If you are in a Medicaid spend-down case you need to show how they can preserve their money and be able to leave a legacy for their kids. In most states your client can fund burial spaces for their children and children’s spouses.

Doing these 3 simple steps can get you on your way to selling the funeral trust and helping out your clients. For more information please visit or give our home office a call at