Baby Boomers And The Funeral Trust

The Baby Boomer generation is now becoming our senior generation. Over 12,000 baby boomers are aging into the senior market every day and because of this financial planning is exploding. One avenue to help these hard-working Americans is by setting up an Irrevocable Funeral Trust. By doing this for your client you will help protect some of their hard-earned assets and take the burden off the family at the time of death.

As a financial planner or life insurance agent, wouldn’t you want offer the hottest Guaranteed Issue product on the market for you clients? Here at DelcoUSA we are home to the Irrevocable Funeral Trust because “Funeral Trusts are all we do”.

            By adding this simple Guaranteed Issue product to your portfolio, you as the agent, will be able to help your clients pre-fund their funeral without ever having to go to the funeral home. This product is simple to sell and a must in every presentation you do.

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