Goods and Service Statements

Goods and Services

To be in compliance with these States: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Tennessee, West Virginia you must have a Goods and Service Statement. A Goods and Service Statement is an outlined cost of the funeral expenses from a funeral home.

These States today are requiring this form to verify the amount in the Funeral Trust. This requirement must be met when applying for Medicaid. Without this document, your client could be denied Medicaid benefits. Burial spaces are NOT cash advance items or the cost of the services. The Goods and Service Statement should only include burial space items only. Burial space items are the casket, vault, urn, plot, headstone or marker.

We have the solution to help you to be compliant with these States. Give Steven a call at our office at:877-336-7782 and he will help you with the Goods and Service Statements to be in compliance with those States.