DelcoUSA teams up with National Care Planning Council to offer new program for agents.

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DelcoUSA has joined with the National Care Planning Council to offer a brand new marketing program for our agents. The Life Resource Planning System helps agents generate a plan for what their clients need to do and lets you the agent present it to your clients in a clean professional manner. Join DelcoUSA Thursday November 17th at 1 p.m. (central) as we show how this spectacular program can work for you.

“The Life Resource Planning Philosophy consists of helping aging seniors and their families prepare for their later years by planning for long term care, accessing government benefits, finding sources of funding, setting aside money for death benefits, preserving assets, and preparing for the possibility of Medicaid. Through this process, you will act as a problem-solver rather than a sales-person. You may charge a fee for each plan you produce if you choose. The plans are designed to provide specific guidance for your clients’ later years and will naturally lead them to arrange for additional services from you.”

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