Funeral Trust Sales Are Up!!!

Funeral Trust Sales Are Up 27% from last Year!
Financial Professionals, Estate Planning Attorneys, and Insurance Agents are using the Funeral Trust in their planning. It’s a natural Add-On Sale!

Only 45 Seats left the National Funeral Trust Sales Conference – September 22 and 23rd

The National Funeral Trust Conference is September 22nd, and 23rd, 2016

There are only 45 Seats remaining for this conference.
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$197 includes your hotel room, Banquet dinner and all other meals.
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Only 45 Seats Remaining for the National Sales Conference

Marketing to Your Existing Senior Clients…

Last week our office received a call from one of our new agents, he had sent out an annual review letter to all of his 231 clients. During the first 2 weeks of meeting with his existing clients on reviews, he wrote 9 funeral trusts with a total premium of $110,000.00.

His commission was over $12,545.00 doing reviews suggesting funeral trusts to his clients. As he shared with our office, it was easy because he already had a relationship with these clients. A True Success Story of what you can do marketing to your existing clients. Like he said, he still has over 79 clients yet to see… I am sure he will have many more trust sales by the time he is done doing annual reviews.

As an Elder Law Attorney…
I was doing a Medicaid Case where mom was going into the nursing home and we were trying to qualify her for Medicaid. The problem was that mom had over $80,000 left in
her checking account. She had to get down to $2000.00 to be Medicaid Eligible.

I shared with the family there were two

1.) Spend all the money on the nursing home
over the next twelve months until mom
is down to $2000.00 and then apply
for Medicaid. However, the 6 children
would have to pay for mom’s funeral
out of their pockets.

2.) Fund a funeral trust for mom before
applying for Medicaid with $12,000
and then do a funeral trust for each of the
6 children @ $ 11,000 to fund burial spaces
as permitted in most states. *check with us on states.
Once we complete this planning with “Goods & Service”
contract for each Child.

The mom will be down to $2000 and can apply
for Medicaid immediately. Mom was able to leave a
Legacy through funeral trust planning to her six
children and receive Medicaid benefits

Wow! what a great compensation and the best
part, I was able to help the client apply for
Medicaid immediately.

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