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National Care Planning

DelcoUSA is proud to announce an exclusive affiliation with National Care Planning Council to help our producers create more Funeral Trust Sales. Michael K. O’Dell, President of DelcoUSA, is excited about offering what he believes is the “Best Marketing Program in the Industry.”

Membership and Internet Presence

The National Care Planning Council (NCPC) is one of the top organizations in the country that supports aging seniors. We help seniors and their families deal with the challenges of aging. Altogether, the 43 websites we maintain produce over 1 million unique visitors each year who come to these sites specifically for help with elder issues. Hundreds of requests requiring assistance from members of the council are received every day.

Special Membership for Our Funeral Trust Agents

Starting at $8.00/month. Membership will provide:
•an internet presence including a listing(s) and personal sales page displaying you, your services, your logo, and a form for the public to request your assistance directly,
•marketing support in the form of free brochures, booklets, and ghostwritten articles,
•discounts on our books,
•the ability to become a member of your state care planning council.

Successful Senior Marketing System

$650.00 | $290 for Funeral Trust Producers

We offer a huge discount exclusively to National Funeral Trust Sales Office Producers who join our organization – the NCPC. This unbelievable discount is only available under this affiliate marketing relationship and applies to a unique and effective marketing system called “Successful Senior Marketing.” Individuals who are not members of the NCPC pay $650 for this system and for all other NCPC members the cost is $690. You get Successful Senior Marketing (SSM) for $290.

SSM will enable you to penetrate the aging senior market and create a significant number of new clients. This system includes a successful strategy designed to use government programs like veterans’ benefits and Medicaid

Veterans Aid and Attendance

Through the NCPC you as an agent can get help with clients looking to qualify for Veterans Aid and Attendance. We will help Veterans file claims and obtain benefits at no cost. For more information please contact us.

Eldercare, Medicaid, & Veterans Benefits Books

How to Deal with 21 Critical Issues
Facing Aging Seniors (2014)

Apply for VA Benefits for Senior Veterans & Their Survivors (2014

Protecting Family Assets from Nursing
Home Costs: Medicaid Secrets (2014)

CHECK OUT OUR LINK.  Learn How to become a member through our national funeral trust sale office.

National Care Planning Council

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