Still Number 1

Why is DelcoUSA still the #1 marketer of the Funeral Trust?
In 2008 Michael O’Dell sold his long time Financial Planning office to start DelcoUSA. His vision to let people know about the funeral trust and how it helps propelled him into the top marketer spot. How has DelcoUSA stayed there?
1. The first and most important reason is that Funeral Trusts are all we do. Most other marketers have the funeral trust as an option but it is put on the back burner. Being able to only focus on the funeral trust lets us give our agents optimal training and knowledge in this one specific product. We will not throw you out to the wolves and let you make it alone.
2. Most marketers are caught up in all the other products they offer and knowing how they work. Focusing on the funeral trust alone allows us to give an unparalleled agent support contact. When an agent calls us they will get the answer they need quickly and not get a run around and have to have someone else call them back.
3. DelcoUSA strives to get our agents anything they might need to succeed in the funeral trust business. From resources specific to the funeral trust as well as weekly training webinars and constant contact with our agents.