The Annuity Alternative

With the annuities becoming more and more difficult to sell with all the new regulations and pages after pages for you and your client to fill out, wouldn’t it be nice to have a product with only 2 pages to fill out that will not be subject to Medicaid after 5 years?

Over 80% of clients never touch an annuity and let the money pass on to beneficiaries and when it does pass those beneficiaries can be hit with tax implications on the growth. With the Irrevocable Estate Trust, your clients can pass money and leave a legacy absolutely income tax free and probate free.

The Irrevocable Estate Trust

Issue Ages 0-99

Premiums up $100,000 (Per Insured)

Guaranteed Issue

2 Page Application

Not subject to new DOL regulations/ Unless Funded with Qualified Money

Single Premium Life with Increasing Death Benefit

Medicaid Exempt after 5 Years

Name Beneficiaries

No Fees

Trust Provided by Insurance Company

Good Growth Rates

Great Commissions

With the Irrevocable Estate Trust, your clients can set aside money to pass to family or charitable organizations with the peace of mind knowing that it will pass to them completely free. Also, if they even end up in a nursing home that Medicaid cannot consider it an asset past the 5 years unlike an Annuity.

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