Why Are We Missing The Boat On Funeral Trusts?

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Keith’s Insight

Why are we as insurance agents missing the boat on the Funeral Trust? Something that is so simple and easy for clients gets over looked time and time again. We all sell traditional life insurance and annuities because that’s what our clients need. But one of the only guarantees in life is that at some point we are going to pass away and we will need a funeral or service of some kind. With so many baby boomers entering the senior market every day, we need to be putting the funeral trust into every presentation. A lot of the baby boomers have already dealt with the passing of their parents and know the financial struggles that can arise if pre-planning wasn’t done. So why are we, the agent or financial planner, not making sure that pre-funding for funerals is a part of every financial plan that is out there?

I feel that because the Irrevocable Funeral Trust is so simple we seem to forget about it. We also absolutely hate talking about death, especially our own, so why do we would we want to talk about somebody else’s death? However, this is a conversation we need to start having with our clients. Over 80% of your clients do not want to leave the financial burden of a funeral on their kids or families. Most people do not want to go down to the funeral home and pick out their casket and type of funeral that they want to have but they do want to start funding it now. With the Irrevocable Funeral Trust, you can help them start that process today to ensure that their families will never have to deal with the financial burden when the time comes.

You as the agent can also make a lot of money selling the funeral trust, with commissions dropping faster than ever before with annuities, why not sure up a steady and nice income flow selling the Funeral Trust. With commissions starting at 16.5% for those aged 65 or younger, only selling to Funeral Trusts a month for $15,000 each can land you an extra $4950 a month!!!

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