Why Do We Need To Pre-Plan For Our Funeral?

Why is pre-planning for your funeral so important?

When someone passes away, whether it is imminent or completely unexpected, it can be devastating to friends and family. The shock of knowing that there loved one will no longer be here on earth with them, to the thoughts of all the funeral arrangements and how are they going to be paid, can be overwhelming to anybody.

Why would you not want to have something in place to take the burden of the expenses off the ones you love? With 72% of people over the age of 65 thinking it is important to pre-plan for their funeral, why not give them a viable option to start planning without having to go to the funeral home?

            Death is something that nobody wants to talk about but is the one absolute guarantee in life. The irrevocable funeral trust is an absolute must when pre-planning. It gives you the flexibility to use at any funeral home in the United States as well as being protected from Medicaid if something were to ever happen. While there is Final Expense Plans out there, they won’t give you as much security and flexibility as the funeral trust and often have normal underwriting.

 If you were to have to apply for Medicaid any policy with a cash value over $1,500 is considered an asset and would have to be cashed in and paid to the nursing home until you are under the asset limit for Medicaid. There goes your plan for paying for a funeral. With the Irrevocable Funeral Trust that isn’t the case. This money can’t be touched and will always be there when the time is needed.

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